Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Genius Maker #5

I am not sure why the managers are allowing their starting pitchers to throw 100+ pitches on their first outing? In theme, I also don’t know why Girardi sent Vasquez out on the mound to start the 6th inning after not having good command all day and fortunately getting through the 5th inning unscathed after a terrible 4th inning. His control was off and he had little movement of speed on his fastball (which was getting hammered). I would have ended his night on a positive note after 5 innings. After a leadoff double in the 6th, I would have most certainly ended it, but instead Girardi kept Javy out there and after allowing a homer, the game for Vasquez and the Yankees was over.

Not much of note that stood out in the game, other than Thames missed a fly ball double that Gardner would have easily caught (that is at least 2 balls this week that were sure catches) and Granderson is off to a bad start against lefties. Now I know it is very early and Texiera is 0-16, but track record shows Tex will be OK and Granderson probably will not be (against lefties).

All is fine with this team, although I would have been much happier with Javy looking a little sharper. His track record in the AL is just OK, but after last year’s NL dominance the hope was he learned a lot. So far his grade is a D/D-. Also, Posada’s throws have not had much on them to 2nd base.

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