Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Genius Maker #4

Very solid game! Lackey pitched very well and so did Pettitte. Andy was all around the strike zone and pitched extremely well. When he missed it was very close.

I thought Posada called a very good game, but I was upset when they gave Ortiz the fastball and he knocked in their run. It was not a good time to be cute.

I think we saw Curtis Granderson’s ability today. Key spot a lefty (not a great one) comes in and makes him look foolish and then when a good righty is on the mound he takes him deep for a game winning extra inning homer! When I criticize Granderson against lefties, understand that I liked getting him and think he is great player against righties, but one must understand that he is a bad hitter against lefties and he should bunt more often against them. They also must be willing to pinch hit in a key spot very late in the game.

Chan Ho Park pitched excellent and Girardi stayed with the hot hand even after 2 very good innings. I was OK with him starting the 3rd inning, but I would have taken him out after the Beltre fly out. If I remember from my review of the playoffs he was a little better against righties and with Drew coming up and Beltre hit the ball hard, I would have made a move. Girardi stuck with him and he allowed a single to Drew. Now with Cameron up I most certainly would have made a move as I thought he was pushing it with Park, but he got away with a bad pitch and Cameron almost got a cheap green monster double, but instead flew out. Girardi stuck with Park again and Scutaro hit one on the screws but right at Gardner. It worked so maybe I would have been wrong to take out park, but I don’t understand having him finish his 3rd inning of work? Either way, I did like staying with him for the full 2 at least as he was throwing very well showing a good fastball, slider and breaking ball.

I really like our defensive OF when we have a lead. There is some serious speed out there when Winn is in RF.

The Genius Maker was not sharp at all. In fact, he had very little movement on most of his pitches, but he did get through the inning (thanks to Pedroia for swinging at ball 4). 2 saves already and we now have a one game lead over Boston!

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