Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Genius Maker #14

AJ Burnett really struggled Friday night. He had no command of his curveball and Anaheim was able to sit and wait on good fastballs to drive. Burnett allowed 9 hits in 6.1 innings and 4 runs. Robertson came on and pitched a good 2/3 of an inning throwing only 6 pitches, but Girardi did not want to keep him in there during a tie game. I don’t really understand why you wouldn’t try to get another inning or a few more outs in a game that looks like it has the possibility of going into extra innings (tied after 7). Veteran readers of this blog know that I always had an issue with the Torre’s method of changing out relievers almost “trying to find the reliever who was not pitching well.” My feeling is that if a guy is looking good and the matchups make sense then you should stay with the guy and get a few more outs if it is reasonable from a work load standpoint. Relievers will all have days where they are not sharp and you want to limit those times and take advantage of the times they are sharp. Robertson has been a little more successful against lefties and with Matsui and Morales leading off I would have left him out there. Joba does not need to be the 8th inning guy. This was my feeling at the time. That being said, this next comment is a hindsight comment because I was not aware of the Morales great success against Joba and knowing his “owning of Joba” I would not have put Joba into the game unless Robertson started poorly in the 8th and didn’t look good. Joba allowed a single to Matsui and then simply hung a slider (that didn’t break) and Morales homered to basically end the game. It happens, but I am not sure why Joba started the 8th inning anyway.

Other quick points on the Friday game

Brett Gardner popped up a high fastball with 1st and 2nd and nobody out. He needs to be much smarter about that. I like the call to bunt in that situation with Gardner up but he failed to execute.

Robbie Cano had a great AB really working a walk and laying off some close balls to get to first. That is a great sign as he seemed to be reverting a little bit.

Fuentes closed out the victory for Anaheim and did so in perfect fashion, but I have to say he looked very ordinary as the Yanks just missed some hittable fastballs. He doesn’t scare me if we have righties up.

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