Friday, April 30, 2010

The Genius Maker #18

If it is possible for a position player to be the player of the game when your pitcher goes 8 shutout innings...tonight was that game. Robinson Cano had 2 homers and a line bullet double off the wall tonight and those were not the best of Cano tonight. If you have not seen it (or even if you did) take a look at this! Please copy and paste in your URL

This was as good as any play I have ever seen from a 2nd baseman on a ball up the middle. To reach and get the ball at full speed and then immediately throw the ball accurately and with some power to first base was jaw dropping. WOW!

As for AJ, he did not have good command of his curve again although it had some use. he did mix in only a few change-ups, but his fastball had excellent command and decent movement. AJ went 8 and turned it over to Mariano who looked good tonight to close out the 4-0 victory.

It is a shame we didn't sweep Baltimore, but at least we took 2 of 3. We are doing well considering Texiera is doing worse than the beginning of last year, ARod is in his longest hitless streak in 3-4 years, Granderson has not hit well and many of our bullpen guys have not done well.

Enjoy Robinson Cano's day!

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