Friday, April 23, 2010

The Genius Maker #13

Not a real exciting game as the Yanks were in a hole early thanks to 2 walks and a homer in the first inning against CC. The Yanks bats never mounted much of a threat as they were kept off balance by Braden and the Yanks didn’t seem to adjust enough to him. They also just missed a few pitches, but could not string things together. Their 2 runs were solo homers by Texiera and Thames.

However, there was excitement in the bottom of the 6th inning. Oakland had 1st and 2nd nobody out when Suzuki (who already homered) stepped to the plate. He hit a hard grounder down the 3rd base line that ARod grabbed took a few steps to 3rd base then immediately and quickly turned and fired a strike to Cano who made his usual quick turn to 1st base for a triple play! It was the first since 1968. That was pretty much the excitement for the game for Yankee fans.

CC seemed to struggle all night with his motion as he could not get any consistency. In fact, I am not sure if I ever saw him less comfortable on the mound. The A’s offense is very weak and he was fortunate to hold them to only 4 runs in 8 innings as he kept the Yanks in the game, but the offense just didn’t get the job done.

The guys on offense who need to pick it up are Nick Johnson who now sports and OPS of only .611 (thanks to little power and batting average) and Texiera with a .557 OPS.

TB won and Boston lost. TB is now in first.

Just a game to turn the page on and it is time to take a series for Anaheim…again.

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