Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Genius Maker #43

That was a disappointing game because this offense should not be shut down to only score 2 runs in 14 innings, especially when they came from a 2 run HR.

The 3-5 hitters were simply awful, with ARod getting the only hit between them (1-18). Tex was 0-6 with 5 k’s and what was most disappointing was that he didn’t make any adjustments. I lost count but I believe he swung and missed at 9 changeups that were all balls.

Jeter, who hit the 2 run homer, could have been the hero as he was up with 2nd and 3rd and one out (with the infield in) and hit a medium liner to 2nd base that doubled off Cervelli. I have no idea where Cervelli was going as he was at 3rd base and the secondary lead will take you off the bag, but once you see it is a line drive he would have plenty of time to get back. At a different point in the game a line drive was hit to Texiera who doubled off a guy at 1st base, but liners to the base you are on are the only excuse for getting doubled off as your secondary lead can make it hard to get back. Cervelli had no excuse. Cano also didn’t fully hustle out the start of a grounder he hit down the first base line and then when the pitcher crossed in front of him he slowed up only to be barely out at 1st base. If he runs hard the entire time, or even just at the end he would have been safe.

We wasted another outstanding performance by Pettitte. He had great movement on his pitches. The entire bullpen was a little shaky, but everyone until Gaudin worked their way out of trouble. My biggest complaint out of the bullpen were the walks. Marte, Robertson, Park and Gaudin walked 5 guys in 4.1 innings. When Gaudin walked the leadoff guy on 4 pitches that were not close, in the 14th inning, I knew we were done.

At least TB lost again…the division is getting tighter with 4 teams within 3.5 games.

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