Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Genius Maker #47

Just as we were getting healthy and seeing a good lineup we put out a lineup that has Thames starting against a lefty, Moeller catching and after ARod went out with I assume a sore groin, Pena at 3rd base (batting 4th no less). After a game where you get 7 walks, you should be able to score more, but the Yanks only mustered up 4 hits. Posada had a bad game offensively (and has had an OPS of a horrible .464 since coming back -30 plate appearances) and the rest were too easily matched up against. Granderson faced a lefty for a big AB and then Thames faced a righty for a big AB and then Pena faced a lefty for a big AB and forced us to pinch hit Cervelli…we just couldn’t string the hits together enough. Unfortunately, Burnett had the worst fastball I have seen from him, maybe ever, throwing only about 92 with not too much movement. I am not sure why they didn’t throw more curves or even changes as I believe every hit came off the fastball except one. His curve was actually outstanding and I would have been throwing it a lot. In one key spot he threw 5 straight to get a K.

Not sure what game Michael Kay was watching, or even the score keeper, but giving Luke Scott a triple on the obvious misplay/error by Swisher was absurd. Swisher cruised back to the ball and then leaped for no reason and just let the ball hit off his glove. If he runs to the fence he stands there and catches the ball with no leap just a reach up…horrible play by Swisher that gave Baltimore the go ahead run.

Marte and Park did their job to keep us close, but our lineup was very poor and we went into the 9th with Thames and Russo leading off against a righty…as I said before, we don’t need so many pitchers, we need some specialists off the bench to hit. Russo got lucky when the pitcher walked him…I would have pinch run Gardner and worried about my defense later…Let him steal a base and see what happens.

I am not happy losing a game like this to Baltimore.

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