Friday, June 11, 2010

The Genius Maker #48 quick morning update

Both TB and Boston lost so we didn't lose any ground.

When the Yanks started this 16 game stretch I said I wanted to go 11-5 (at the minimum). Well, if the Yanks win 2 of 3 they will finish 11-5; if we sweep then we will have done a better job and one that I feel we should do, even with the injuries.

Some people have asked about what Ken Rosenthal wrote saying the Yanks were the leaders to get Cliff Lee. Is it possible, sure, but the logic doesn't add up to me. I think this is a writer making statements without really thinking through the situation. Now, I know I am putting myself out there and if the Yanks do trade for Lee I will look bad, but here is my reasoning. While any team could use Cliff Lee right now, the Yanks have 5 starters that are solid. Obviously, Vazquez is the weak link, but over the last 30 days he has pitched 33 innings allowing 10 runs (2.72 ERA). Also, the Yanks correctly have been avoiding making trades such as this one because of the reluctance to give up rising stars (prospects) at the level you have to. Look at the Santana almost trade. The Yanks only seem to make trades when they have soured on a guy (see Melky) or if the trade just makes a ton of sense. Now, if the Yanks had an injury to a starter, all bets would change, but unless the Yanks trade a starter back to Seattle in the deal, I don't see the Yanks just dropping prospects for Lee when they could make a run at him next year for "free." Next year, I would say the Yanks should open up the bank for Lee as they will most likely not have Vazquez (unless he pitches very well the rest of the year) and Pettitte may be gone as well. Lee is also an odd case because he was in the minors just a few years ago struggling very badly and even before he was pretty good, but not dominant. Something clicked and he obviously has been great over the past 2 years so he is worth going after hard, but I would not drop prospects right now for him.

One other note, a preemptive strike may also be part of the thought process because Lee going to a rival could sway the race...either way I think Rosenthal is wrong...we shall see.

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