Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Genius Maker #64

Please read the below blogs (60 and 61) referencing the 4th inning and the state of our team after almost reaching the half way mark.

As for yesterday's game, I will only say the same thing I wrote in post 60 and that is I don't like the rules the Yanks are putting into action for our young pitchers and it seems all it does is screw them up and hurt the team. I am good with controlling the pitch counts and putting limits on our young pitchers, but as I stated prior, the Yanks have an odd feel/plan for this. The Yanks seem to place odd restrictions and timing and as many of you know I speak my mind before the outcomes. Hughes was awful and out of sync with the 9 or so day off rest. Maybe he would have stunk anyway, but I would rather guys limit his INNINGS and keep him on a rhythm. BTW, Cliff Lee has now pitched 3 straight complete games

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