Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Genius Maker #56

I would like to thank Bruce for keeping the pace with a few blogs. At first the Yanks kept losing so I thought I may have to fire him, but just like there being no such thing as clutch ability, there is no such thing as the guest blogger impacting the fact, he had some dreadful games to comment on. That being said, there was some very good analysis and also some great writing about Rivera with some poetry (you won't get that from me). Thanks Bruce! Last comment that I had to make, I agree with you that Paul O was wrong about the infielder taking a step back rather than charging and getting on the short hop, but I think Paul meant to say rather than getting an in between hop. Paul did say it wrong, but there are times where retreating to get a good hop is better than either staying or charging and getting an in between hop. Usually this is the best option when you know you have more time (ie slow runner). However, the general rule of thumb is to charge the ball and don;t allow another hop if you can.

How does being in 1st place sound? I like it considering we have gone through an assortment of injuries and we still have ARod slowed a lot, Jeter is limping down the line and we still have NJ out.

I was fortunate enough to spend my fathers day with my daughter camping and then we caught most of the Yankee game, we left after the 8th inning rain delay, which was the first game she has ever gone to. She said, "this is really cool" about 5 times.

Of course it was even cooler with CC wheeling and dealing all day, Tex hitting a slam and TB losing! We needed all that cool with as hot as the real temperatures were.

I am concerned about the offense struggling so bad. One hit to knock in our runs and that was it? Kevin Long will need to get back on track with a lot of guys as we have not been good at the plate of late.

Meanwhile, as "bad" as CC has been, his ERA is now at 3.68 and he is 8-3.

The Genius Maker worked another perfect 9th and as Bruce mentioned, has really been piling up a lot of good innings. His control is not as consistent as it once was and I would expect a few bad ones here and there, but his movement has been as good as always and now that he can tail a fastball in on righties he has more to work with. In his last 11 innings, he has allowed only ONE hit while walking 2 batters and striking out 10 (no runs). That is the very Genius Maker like!

As a reminder that the world's order has been restored; the Yanks are in 1st place!

BTW, if anyone would like to be a guest blogger, please email me at or add a comment to a blog stating your interest.

Happy Father's Day!

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