Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Genius Maker #59

When you get 12 walks and 8 hits in 9 innings one would hope you would string enough together to get more than 5 runs, but a few DP's and some poor RISP hitting kept the scoring down. Extra innings saw a big it by Granderson giving us the lead on a HR which was then followed by a single by Gardner, a SB and then a walk...still with nobody out. Jeter then hit into his 2nd DP which I was concerned about because Rivera had already thrown an inning and I knew he would be pitching the 10th. It looked to be really bad when Rivera allowed a single, double and an intentional walk to load the bases with nobody out. But, the Genius Maker pulled a Houdini act by getting 2 straight pop ups and a strike out to hold onto the one run lead!

Rivera's genius is even more rewarding when you see that Papelbon allowed 2 homers in the 9th inning as Boston lost their lead and game. TB also lost so the Yanks are 2.5 games up!

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