Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Best Ever Makes it Official - Congratulations The Genius Maker

I have more to say, but just want to say that while Mariano talks about how blessed he is, we as fans have been blessed to watch the greatest closer in the history of the game. It has been a privilege to watch him over these years and we should not take it for granted; we have been able to watch history. I was honored to be able to be at the stadium yesterday to watch Rivera break the record. The final pitch he threw was not the cutter boring in on a lefty, but a perfectly painted cutter that started outside and caught the outside lower corner for a correctly called strike. Rivera also was able to break a bat in his record breaking inning!

The Genius Maker appears to have a few more years left in him and as I have said before, when he leaves, the closer we have will probably not be a liked individual as he will have the largest shoes imaginable to fill!

In most cases when you talk about the best ever, there are tons of questions and debate points…With Mariano Rivera, there is no question or debate.

Congratulations Mariano Rivera; you are without question the best ever!

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  1. I will never forget the sight of Mariano standing alone at the mound, impossibly humble and dignified. I know he was uncomfortable out there, but I think at the same time it was a memory he will cherish forever along with all the Yankee fans who were there at the ballpark and watching on TV.

    Great stuff. The greatest ever.