Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Genius Maker #82

Order is restored as we are back in 1st place!

It was good to see Burnett actually pitch a good game and the bullpen hold on to beat Boston. It was even better to step back and think we went to Boston and if Girardi wouldn't have failed in his decision to take out Hughes, we could have swept Boston in Boston with our 2 worst pitchers going against their 2 best. Sure, we had two close victories, especially the last one with Rivera walking 2 batters in the same inning after only walking 5 all year, but even with struggling for control, he came through and made a perfect pitch to strike out their best hitter...and yes that was a strike and a great pitch. Of course if we hadn't left 13 guys on base we might have had a larger cushion.

Kudos to Burnett who changed his hand position and did a better job and also Martin who had a huge game winning double!

Last night further showed why I was not happy with the Yanks sending Nova down earlier in the year. After a rough start he was dominant...the guy has 15 wins and missed some starts up here. My only concern is whether the long season wears him down.

Montero up - Here is one area I can't talk about yet as I do not have a handle on him...I am excited to watch him though.

We have had some stellar defense in the OF of late. Gardner could hit like Ramiro Pena and he would still be valuable to have; that is how great he is in the OF

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