Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Genius Maker #86

I don’t believe that I have seen the Yankees swing at more bad pitches in a very long time. They swung at more bad pitches than good in the game in a horrible hitting performance. Maybe the ball from Haren was moving like crazy, but the Yanks would have been better suited standing with the bats on their shoulders as they looked like the bad hacking teams consistently swinging at pitchers pitches or balls. Granderson should do as I mentioned and back off the plate slightly (Tex too) because they are pulling the inside pitches foul because that is the only way they can get the meat of the bat on the ball and then waving at everything else; especially balls.

Jorge…hmmm, I said it a few times in spring training, I didn’t understand why Jorge didn’t get a few games in spring training and then a few starts during the season…why not make him the emergency catcher?…lo and behold look what happened…Martin is hurt and Cervelli is getting a concussion symptoms. The short sighted thinking of Girardi is almost mind boggling…why not give Jorge some work in that role just in case and maybe even help jump start him? I didn’t understand the philosophy of the starting catcher to not ever catching no matter what stance the Yankees took…silly.

CC wasn’t sharp but he only allowed one run in 6.

Noesi allowed the game to blow up in the 7th, but I still think he will be a good pitcher. He made some bad 2 strike pitches, but he will be good for us. Either way, the game was lost by the offense which has been anemic/pathetic!

Nunez’ OPS is now .674 and combined with awful defense is not playable in a game you care about winning (granted right now I don’t think the game are critical). Oh and I made the comment about running down to first in my previous blog and Nunez showed why I can't stand the laziness in the top of the 8th. Most of you probably had tuned out at this time, but Nunez was up with 1st and 3rd and 1 out and hit a line drive to the SS, but it was a low line drive and it might have been a short hop or might have made it on the fly (close). Therefore he should have been running hard (should be doing it anyway) from the start. Instead he took a step and froze and while Aybar had trouble with the ball (I don;t think he purposely dropped it as it was very close to the ground, Aybar chased a few steps for the ball and threw to 2nd to start a DP that could never have been completed with Nunez' speed if he ran. He deserves to get benched for Pena if the Yanks are not playing their starters.

ARod will be critical for us and I would get some rest for Granderson and Tex along with Gardner (this was one of the reasons I was so critical of Girardi for bringing the starters in after all the late games. It was the perfect time to rest the starters and he failed to do it and I believe this losing streak has some remnants of all those rain/late/long games.

It is crazy that both Boston and the Yanks have 4 game losing streaks now. The Angels are only 1.5 behind Texas and TB is 4.5 behind Boston with a ton of games left against Boston (and the Yanks).

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