Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Genius Maker #83

A good win but as usual I have some comments.

First, why such an inconsistent use of the bullpen people? Girardi refuses to use Rivera and Soriano so that he can use Robertson for 2 full innings of work and 30+ pitches? I understand not wanting to use Soriano and Rivera, but then why not understand that to allow Robertson to close out the 9th or maybe go a little more if needed in a critical spot in the 8th...but instead he starts him in the 8th? Just head scratching for his inconsistency and application of his thought process. That being said, it was good to see Robertson step up.

Cervelli's location of where he wanted pitches thrown was really odd. Many times the call Cervelli made ended up costing Colon, but there were 3 specific times where Colon hit Cervelli's glove and Toronto got big hits (one a homer). A good example of the odd thought process was on a 2-0 pitch to Bautista where he called for the fastball in...obviously Bautista was ready for it lined a bullet to LF.

Another nice two plays by Gardner in the field

Speaking of the field, on a play ARod made a nice dive, he looked like an old man getting up and barely missing throwing a guy out. In contrast, on a bullet hit down the 3rd base line, their guy made the diving play and snapped up and fired quickly to 2nd to get the force out and then still had enough time to complete the DP.

Later after Cano's huge 2 run double, Swisher hit a line to the back hand of their SS (not sure who is in at that time but I think Escobar) and instead of getting in front of it, he tried to back hand and let it get into the OF. That was a terrible play as you must keep it in the infield with 2 outs.

Montero got a hit, but looked like he didn't see the breaking pitches well. Still early on him, but hasn't been very good so far and his swing is not smooth yet...even if it is powerful.

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  1. Maybe Joe Girardi didn't trust his other relievers in a close game. Or, maybe Joe wanted to see whether Robertson could handle a 2-inning relief stint. If that was Joe's purpose, I'd say Robertson showed that 2 innings is OK. That could be important in the post-season.

    I agree that ARod didn't look nearly as good in the field as Brett Lawrie. Part of that difference is ARod slowing down, but another part is just how good Lawrie is. That guy looks terrific in the field. And, if he can keep hitting the way he started, he's really going to be something!