Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Genius Maker #88

Seattle is a bad team (especially offense), but at home and with King Felix on the mound against one of our weaker pitchers, the game looked like a loss for us on paper. However, the bats were solid throughout the game getting 14 hits in route to an easy victory. Hughes pitched ok, but Seattle's weak offense couldn't get anything done. Hughes walked 3 batters in 6 innings and he simply won't get away with that against good hitting teams. He did work his cutter a little smarter (by setting it up with a fastball a little farther to the left) but will still need to throw more changeups or get confidence in a slider to be effective.

Romine caught the entire game and is smoother defensively than Montero, but I did not see him throw. His stick isn't as strong, but he did get his 1st major league hit!

I meant to write this yesterday, but I was annoyed that Andrew Jones started against a righty with Dickerson on the team. Jones (I believe) did OK yesterday walking twice and in 4 AB's, but the point was why not play Dickerson who has an OPS of .856, only 35 plate appearances(PA's) or so, who will hit righties better than Jones and also play better defense? I think Dickerson is a good 4th OF'r and should be playing against righties if Swisher is not in RF. Dickerson doesn't get much ink, but he is pretty solid in that role.

Cano had a great AB to clear the bases fouling off numerous pitches before lining a bullet double over the LF'rs head. Interestingly, later on, Gardner made a catch on a similar ball getting a good jump, taking the correct angle and running it down.

Proctor was used correctly as he was brought in when the score was 9-1.

TB won again so we have a 4 game lead on the idle Sawx and TB is 3 back of them.

BTW, Detroit has won 10 in a row.

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