Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Genius Maker 600 saves

600 saves for the Genius Maker! He recorded the final out (after striking out the other 2) when Martin made a great throw and Jeter actually made a quick tag to barely get Ichiro attempting to steal 2nd base(who singled). It is a great milestone that only Trevor Hoffman has done and he only had one more save after. Therefore 2 saves from now, Rivera will hold the record! We already know he is the best, but having him on top will solidify it.

A reader of this blog, Marc Ivry, wrote me the following which sums up things pretty well:

"I've been a Mo fan since the beginning. I never thought Wetteland was good and he was shaky at best, so in 96 when they won, I was happy but you can see that the Yanks had bigger plans for Mo. I still think he is the greatest Yankee. I know that he comes in and gets 3 or 4 outs, but just look at the numbers and you can see. 42 post-season saves, I think his ERA is 0.76 in post-season. And if it weren't for an errant throw in 2001, he would have 6 rings. Anyone who can come in at a LIPS and perform the way he does is the best."

"He could have 2 more seasons left, he's still going strong! But once he is gone, people will realize his true value. And every time I hear Metallica's "Enter Sandman", images of him jogging from the pen come to mind and I think, GAME OVER!"

As you know, I don't believe too much in clutch ability, but Mo has been at his best in the postseason and while that probably does not predict future performance (like clutch ability would), the fact is that Rivera DID perform amazingly in the postseason and that makes his legacy that much greater.

Oh and there is a very good reason why my phones ring tone is...Enter Sandman!

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