Monday, May 10, 2010

The Genius Maker #26

First, to the final Boston game...The game was mostly about AJ getting beaten up and staying in a little long. We blew them out twice and they got us once. I was excited to see Sanchez pitch as he has a good power 95 MPH fastball and a nice off speed pitch. It was a blowout, but he pitched great 3.2 innings with only a hit and walk allowed.

On to the Tiger game. We fell behind 3-0 as Mitre was mediocre, but he was not helped by ARod who had a throwing error. The Yanks got it going, but I had 2 main issue in the game and they were both with Randy Winn (who did single once). The first was after Zumaya came in throwing 102...yes 102 and 101 consistently. Winn was up with bases loaded after Zumaya had just walked Brett Gardner on 4 pitches. now when you are a weak hitter and the bases are loaded you don;t want to do the pitcher any favors, but Winn swung at the first pitch and was very late and weakly flew out to LF for the 3rd out. STUPID. The second time I was ticked at Winn was the 8th inning as the Yanks mounted a nice comeback (down 5-2) and had 1st and 3rd with one out against Phil Coke with the score 5-4. Winn had a 2-0 count in his favor and I am OK with him swinging here, but you better pick out a very good pitch to hit and instead he swung at a pitch that was high,inside and a ball and popped up so the tying run didn't score. Use your head up there!

BTW, Joba came and maybe the gun was fast, but registered 98 a few times and not coincidentally, struck out the side. Unfortunately, the Yanks all struck out in the 9th as well.

Time to win tomorrow!

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