Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Genius Maker #39

Well that was truly awful! That is a game that can ruin a weekend. the offense did a really nice job (until the final 3 innings) and the pitching simply stunk. I think it is 2nd guessing to blame Girardi for this one as he didn't take anything for granted. I would not have used Mitre when Robertson tweaked his back and I would have gone right to Gaudin there, but the rest of the moves were not wrong, they just didn't work, includng the Mitre one. Joba stunk and I had the same issue with pitch selection by Cervelli again. When he did what I said I would throw it worked and when he didn't it usually didn't work. I blame this game on poor pitch selection (which is on the pitchers too) along with CC and Joba. CC has to do a better job with That type of lead, but he never could throw his change up for a quality strike all game. Joba just made too many hittable pitches and the wrong ones. No matter what, when you are up 10-4 against Cleveland and you have Rivera and Joba rested, you should win 99% of those games...and 99% is probably not an exaggeration; one a year.

Of course TB and the Red Sox won so this baseball day was horrible.

Halladay pitched a perfect game for the Phillies; he is a stud.

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