Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Genius Maker #30

Thanks to my good friend Don, I was able to watch that great game from the stadium!

The Yanks jumped out to a 5-0 lead and it could have been more if Robby Thompson would stop getting our guys thrown out at home plate with nobody out! I believe that is 3 times now so he has already gone over his yearly limit.

The 2 out 3 run homer by Drew was a huge blow that got the game close at 6-5. Hughes was not able to get to the 6th inning, but at least his record remained unblemished. The Yanks were not able to pull away, but they did get another run to make it 7-5 when Thames ripped a double to LC.

I didn’t understand why Joe left Chan Ho Park in after he got through the prior inning and with the matchups with lefties. CHP just got off of the 15 day DL so why extend him? He also struggled some. I said to Don that I would have Marte in right now. After Drew singled he allowed a homer to Youkilis and then Joe still stayed with CHP… who allowed another homer and finally Joe took him out. From then on, Marte did a good job and then Vazquez got on out setting up the dramatic 9th inning comeback. First Gardner slapped a line drive, 2 strike pitch to LF for a double that skipped past Hermida (Gardner also gave one a ride earlier to deep center). Captain Clutch then stepped to the plate and hit a 2 run ABomb to tie the game. After Cervelli got hit (probably not intentional, but…) Marcus Thames became and official member of the NY Yankees with a 2 out 2 run homer to win the game. Nice work boys!

Tomorrow we want to put the Red Sox 7.5 back on us...that is much better than 5.5.

One negative was that TB won in extra innings.

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