Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Genius Maker #32

The MASH unit continues as Posada will be gone for awhile and then Thames hurt himself and had to take himself out. The part that is the most puzzling to me is that the Yankees in some crazy stupidity feel that they should have 13 pitchers and 12 position players when 2 of the players you didn't even want to play the other night??? This is like watching some bad softball coach put together his team. What the heck are they thinking? 13 pitchers???

As for the game, AJ struggled but tried to keep us around, but the weakened lineup could not mount much until 2 outs in the 9th. AJ seemed to be flying open and then coming a little more sidearm than usual and this led to his fastball riding up and in to the righty and out of the zone.

Randy Winn still sucks

Jeter is really struggling and had the big AB with bases loaded and had a 3-0 count but hit a grounder on a 3-1 pitch - he needs to step up.

The Yanks need to call up either Romine or Montero and an OF'r.

BTW, why would the Yanks take a GG guy off of 1st base in the most important games of the year? Once again, it just isn't logical. Rest him any other time, but why against the only team ahead of us? Miranda didn't miss anything, but a lot of the stuff I say may not matter (but I bring them up anyway)

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