Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Genius Maker #31

I am going to do something different and post before the game is done because I will watch the rest in the morning. I am turning off the game going into the 8th inning as the Yanks have a 5-1 lead and I can say that Girardi and eye have a different take on what he should be doing with the bullpen. Keep in mind that one of the areas I felt Girardi was MUCH better than Torre on is his bullpen management and in general he does a good job. However, I have been on a different wave length on him a lot of late. For the most part Girardi's moves are rarely idiotic as they have some logic in them, but I have just been choosing to do different things a lot of late.

Take this game; the Yanks are up 5-1 with a rested Joba and Rivera. I can understand letting Joba and Rivera pitch the 8th and 9th to close out this Boston game, however, the manager said before the game how his "bullpen is a mess," and if that is the case, why go to it when your starter has just turned in 2 straight 10 pitch innings??? I don't know the pitch count exactly and I can't go to the box score because I am a few minutes behind as I write this, but I don't think CC has thrown more than 120 pitches and he has been cruising so why go to the "messed up bullpen"? CC is a guy who has thrown over 140 pitches and while I don't want to do that, there is no doubt I would have let him start the 8th inning and save as many outs for Joba and Rivera because we have TB the next 2 games as well. Now, I am not saying you worry too much about tomorrow rather than beating the Red sox, but I am saying that I think the better chance of winning this game against the Red Sox is to leave CC in while it also helps tomorrow.

Now, I write this stuff because it is what I am thinking at the time and the odds are it won't matter in the least (Joba and Rivera should be able to hold a 4 run lead) but as I always say, what happens if it does.

One other thought, it is possible that CC gets 1 or 2 outs and Joba pitches the last out in the 8th and then the Yanks score some runs and Joba gets just a little work and Rivera is not needed (yes this can happen if Joba pitches the entire 8th but he would have pitched the full inning and will not be as rested).

I will update in the morning.

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  1. Can't wait to read your take on the rest of Tuesday night's game. It was a complete embarrassment.