Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Genius Maker #37

This game was extremely frustrating.

Blackburn was very hittable tonight...sinker baller that was getting the ball up and we did little.

I didn’t like the ump behind home plate, especially after a 1-1 pitch was called a ball and instead of 1-2 it was 2-1 and Vazquez had to come in with a strike and it was deposited for a homer. I didn’t like how poorly the Yankees hit, especially ARod, Miranda and Teixeira. Tex probably got me ticked off more than anyone when he swung at a 3-0 pitch down by 3 runs and Gardner on first base with nobody out! What the heck was he thinking, especially when he is slumping and not swinging so well. It was a selfish thing to do that was made worse by the fact he swung at ball 4! At least make sure it was a very hittable pitch and I could disagree, but not get all bent out of shape.

While I am on Tex, he made a great stop with 1st and 3rd and nobody out, but after stepping on 1st base he should have thrown home to get the 2nd out instead of 2nd base; he could have saved a run.

While I pile on Tex, yesterday I forgot to mention that he made a horrible slide into 2nd when he tried to stretch a single. If he goes straight into the bag he easily beats the throw, but instead he slides on the CF side of the bag and misses the bag with his feet (kind of like the home plate slide) and tries to touch with his hand. Once again, no idea what he was thinking?

2-4 with a great play in the field and Tex really got me annoyed...

Finally, what was Girardi thinking when he started Chan Ho Park in 7th inning with Mauer, Morneau and Thome coming up? The score was 5-2 so the game was not over, but after Park (who is better against righties) allowed the M&M boys to get on; he summoned Marte to pitch to Thome (who Marte got to pop up. Now if you are going to go to Marte, why in the world would you wait until after the two lefties were up? In fact, Thome could have been pinch hit for, but he wasn’t. Also, with a righty after Thome and then Kubel up, why wouldn’t you keep Marte in for more than 1 batter? Kubel is a lot better against righties and to have a shot in the game you must get out of the inning. Girardi made bad move after bad move and brought in Gaudin to get the righty out but then allowed a 3 run homer to Kubel that ended the game.

Sticking with my theme, what the heck was Girardi thinking? That was an awful job by Joe.

Let’s turn the page on a simply awful game!


  1. Ok, so we forgot about option C for last nights game when we discussed not having Mariano available. That option being that the Yankees would not be in the game and would not need a closer. Funny how we didn't think of that.