Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Genius Maker #112

Interesting game. It was one of the few games where AJ Burnett gave a quality start and was not great. I would like to see more of a consistent 3 runs in 6 inning performances from him for a 4.50 ERA rather than a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde type. I thought AJ was decent but not better than that. Oakland helped him by swinging at a lot of bad pitches, however the 2 run HR he allowed was not a bad pitch. AJ threw his change/splitter a few times and it was very effective. I still think one of the issues with AJ is his velocity is not what it used to be. he used to throw 95+ with great movement, but at 92-93 is isn't as effective. He can still get it up to 95-96 but he used to get it up to 97-98 when he was with Toronto. I have a recollection he hit 99 against us. The difference of a change at 89 to 95 is a lot more than 92. He never had pin point control, but when he missed his movement/velocity would bail him out in the old days.

The Yankee offense didn't do much but was fortunate to take advantage of an error early on and then AJ and the bullpen held onto the early 4 run lead.

Joba did a good job and was able to hit 96 again so that was good to see.

Boone Logan did his job getting his one lefty batter...again! I have not heard much about Marte, but it is pretty absurd to not have 2 lefties

When Wood came on they were talking about how great he has been, but I wouldn't use the word great. He has been effective no question, but he has been fortunate to work out of a lot of jams and has not let up the big hit. Last night was no different as he left 1st and 3rd with 2 outs before getting out of the jam. He walks too many guys.

Rivera did a very good job almost coaching Moeller along as there were times where Moeller setup his glove too far over the plate, but Rivera still put the ball where he wanted it. The only guy who got on was on a play where most SS's would have made the play to end the game but Jeter fielded the ball in a way that caused him to take 2 steps toward center before throwing just late to 1st. Most SS's would have cut toward 1st base and that would have been enough to make the play. Rivera pitched out of it, but that play should have been made by a SS. I guess the Genius Maker can make the defensive players look good as well!

It didn't matter, but I was surprised that Girardi didn't pinch run for Thames in the 7th inning (may be off by an inning) as I assumed a lefty would be out of the game and with Berkman available as well as 2 pinch runners in Pena and Golson, I thought it would have been a good move. Some people have asked me about how Berkman will do; I would expect him to be effective for us down the stretch; he can still hit righties.

BTW, Posada pinch hit for Cervelli and struck out on a called strike that was outside and was farther outside than a pitch that was called a ball previously in the AB. Bad job the ump, but an equally bad job by Posada not controlling himself and getting thrown out. Moeller was there so Jorge probably pushed the envelope and who knows maybe it helped because every close call for Rivera was called a strike.

TB and Boston won.

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