Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Genius Maker #113

We won and TB lost! Oh and Boston lost twice

Notes of the game:

1) Thames hit a 2 run homer that gave us the lead we held onto. He has really been great; let's hope he can keep this up into the playoffs

2) Girardi really screwed up in the 5th inning. Vazquez was struggling but getting by...barely. I was Ok with taking him out after 4.2 innings and 2 guys on, but why in the world would he go to Moselely? The guy to go to there was Boone Logan we 3 lefties do up in 4 AB's. Instead he goes to Moseley who allows a 2 run double to tie the game! That was a horrible decision by Joe and in fact I don't even know why Moseley was up in that spot. Might as well leave in Javy at that point. Really dumb move, but it also underscores how pathetic it is that we only have one lefty in the pen. I have harped on this for 2 years that we need two lefties and it is absurd we don;t have it. Is Marte coming back?

3) John Buck made 2 great throws from his knees for Toronto.

4) Cano got a few hits, but he has been expanding the strike zone a lot of late and that has been his problem. he needs to lay off the inside pitch...this is what has made him so much better this year.

5) Outside of Moseley, the bullpen did a good job again, holding down Toronto. Wood pitched really well especially.

6) Rivera had a pin point 9th inning; hitting his spots on almost every pitch. But I got goose bumps on the final pitch of the night. Leading up to the last pitch, Rivera threw 6 straight fastballs that tailed into the righty batter and the count was 2-2. At some point (I thought possibly the previous pitch) Rivera was either going to throw the cutter inside or outside. He finished the game throwing a perfect cutter that clearly crossed the inside part of the plate for a called strike 3 and victory. What made this such a great pitch is that every pitch he threw ran in to the righty batter so the ball was starting on the inner half of the plate and ending up either inside or right on the inside corner. Then he threw the cutter which started a good amount inside (which freezes the batter) and then cuts over for strike 3. THE GENIUS MAKER!

It is an honor watching greatness.

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