Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Genius Maker #115

This game was disturbing because losing 2 in a row at home to a weaker team during crunch time just doesn't sit well with me. I know Baltimore has been playing very well of late(since Buck Showalter took over and now has 4 wins in a row), but we were just one step behind the entire game. With 1st and 3rd and nobody out, even when we got a break on a dropped very high pop up, Posada got forced out as he couldn't assume it would be dropped. Then on the next play, ARod comes off the bench and crushes a line drive to 3rd base that they get a glove on it and it trickles to the SS and he forces out Granderson at 2nd base with no run scoring. Then Gardner is up and he gets a bad call by the ump for strike 2 and then chops a ball to 2nd base and gets thrown out for no runs. That was a microcosm of the game to me and we just didn't get it done.

Last note was that Granderson dropped a fly ball he went a decent distance for, but he has done that a little more than I would like. Overall, defensively he is a decent CF'r (I would classify him as a slightly above average CF'r so if you lined up the 14 AL teams, he is probably 7th), but I think Gardner is a little better.

Time for us to take this afternoon game!

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