Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Genius Maker #116

That was an exciting finish! I know many of you were saying that we were about to get swept at home against a last place team. But then Swish went yard for a 2 run walk off home run and a victory that seem to be needed. Always fun to watch those walk offs. Not enough pies this year!

Nova did a nice job and the bullpen closed it out. The 2 runs Nova allowed were a ground out where their runner was called safe at 1st (he was out)that was followed by a terrible passed ball (I know it was called a wild pitch but when the catcher makes an effort like that he should get charged with a passed ball for being lazy), and then on a 3 ball and 0 strike count they hit a 2 run homer. BTW, Gardner was thrown out at 3rd and after reviewing many times I thought he was safe, but I surely could not argue with calling him was as close as humanly possible and I am not 100% sure I am right.

EDITED TO ADD THIS...yesterday Girardi made a comment about why he chose to let ARod run for himself but then took him out of the game to protect him. Girardi, when questioned, answered that he let ARod run for himself in case we batter around??? Now, this is exactly the type of comment that confirms my previous comments about how Girardi is simply not genuine in the things he says and that rubs me the wrong way. Does he think we are that stupid? I would like to see him take the blame when he screws up instead of some lame excuse that he always comes up..."we liked that matchup" blah blah blah. Notice when Girardi makes a bad move he describes the moves as "we" but if he made a move that worked he says "I"felt good about so and so...Man up Joe!

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