Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Genius Maker #119

Man, are we in a bad slump. Great pitching game by CC! I was not listening to the announcers so maybe I missed something but Girardi who has had a really bad 10 day stretch from misusing Rivera, to bunting Cervelli on a 3-0 count just to move a runner from 2nd to 3rd and many other examples, but why in this game would you use the last pitchers on your team in extra innings when Joba, Rivera and Robertson should have been available. AND, if they weren't why not extend Wood or Boone Logan? We were lucky to get out of the bases loaded and 2 out situation with Gaudin on the mound as he faced a lefty (Hawpe)because we inexplicably only have one lefty our pen? But, then he goes to Mitre? Now, I am not saying they couldn't have gotten the job done, but your managers job is to put the team in the best position to win the game...and Girardi has failed this numerous times of late. For example, I was watching the game with 5 people and when Granderson was up in the (I think 11th inning) and a runner on 1st base with nobody out, he was asked to bunt. I didn't love the call with Curtis on deck, but OK, I could live with it. But when the count is 2-0 I stood up and said to everyone "take off the bunt, I want him swinging away." Granderson bunted and the runner was left there. I don't like that play, especially on the road where one run may not be enough, but when you have the count in your favor, I want the guy swinging away with fielders charging on the pitcher laying one in there...Girardi is really been bad of late and if he keeps this up the Yankees will let Chicago have him.

Let's not jump off the bridge yet though, we will make the playoffs and we still have the ability to do some damage. That being said, I would feel better if our offense could get into a rhythm a little before the playoffs and our manager would not be so inconsistent.

Edited to add that Girardi said they were resting Joba and Robertson was not available because he pitched back to back games 2 days ago. What? Joba hadn't pitched since Friday!!! Robertson had a day off. I am all for looking at the big picture and sometimes not pushing guys in just one game, but There is NO consistent and thought out plan by Girardi. It is one thing to "rather" rest a guy today so that he will be stronger for the playoffs and if your plan goes well you won't need him in the "CC" game, but you will in the "Nova" game, but when you are in extra innings with home field advantage on the line you need to pitch Joba or Robertson before you go to Gaudin or Mitre...it is that simple!!! Mitre hadn't pitched in 2 weeks and you bring a sinker baller into THIS game??? I really think Girardi has been awful of late and I hate the inconsistency and BS excuses. With all the dumb decisions he has made he has yet to ever take responsibility for his wrong moves...and that ticks me off.

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