Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Genius Maker #121

was really hoping I would be able to say that the last 2 wins were about as frustrating big wins as I could remember. Unfortunately the frustration from horrific men on base hitting, some poor pitch selection and a consistent bad job by the umpire makes me, well, frustrated.

A couple of points…First, why is Kearns starting? The guy has stunk of late and is only average anyway and isn’t a good defender. If you want to rest Gardner and Swisher to get them better, I could understand that, but play Golson, at least he will play good defense and probably could hit better than Kearns. I don’t know the numbers with the Yankees, but If Kearns has gotten more than 1 guy in from 3rd base in his last 10 tries, I would be surprised. He struck out 6 times in 2 games yet Girardi sticks with him in a big spot…and even though I was screaming to my family that Kearns should be sitting on NOTHING but a changeup, he swung at the changeups in the dirt for strike 3…I still don’t know why they can’t hear me? Colin Curtis…ditto! Dude they won’t purposely throw you a strike over the plate in a big spot and they don’t have to if they can throw balls in the dirt and you will swing at them.

So the Yanks have 7 hits to none and they are only up 1-0 because they left 2 guys on in every inning and would have left 3 if the bases loaded one out DP didn’t happen. I said to my friend that you know one swing of the bat will tie this game…well I was almost right; one swing of the bat gave them the lead. And why pitch Dan Johnson with an inside fastball? The guy looks for nothing but a fastball…Coming into the game the guy was hitting .200 with moderate power…3 HR’s in 65 AB’s. He is a mediocre player at best and we give him pitches he loves…

On Dan Johnson 2nd homer of the game, he stepped to the plate after we should have thrown the curve, but we didn’t and they got a single. When they started Johnson with a curve I said out loud at least we made the adjustment and of course he just took the curve...then a fastball missed and I said, OK they are just trying to show him the fastball. Then they throw another fastball away but it was a strike to everyone, except the ump. I went on GameDay and it confirmed it was a strike (the TB camera is awful and I wasn’t 100% sure, even though Al Leiter thought just like me). Now instead of 1-2 it is 2-1. That is OK, I said, he didn’t swing, just throw a curve ball here. No chance I am throwing this clown another fastball because you know that is what he is looking for and wants…but not only do they call a fastball they come inside with it??? Uh, he is looking for it…and boom 2 run shot and 1 run lead is lost and the game…and 1st place.

Some other notes:

I believe Jeter was hit with the ball and it redirected ever so slightly off his elbow pad into the knob of the bat. I watched this in my own super slow mo and the ball changed directions before it hit the knob. Jeter’s eyes on the replay made me think he was faking it though; I am curious what is said tomorrow. (UPDATE: Jeter's comments stated he was faking it - this surprises me. Is it possible he didn't feel it hit his elbow pad a split second before the knob of the bat? I know what I saw and I thought I was going to be watching it only hit the knob of the bat, but it did switch directions??? Who knows, but why would Jeter say that and make the umps looks bad anyway?)

Cano tagged out Upton on a throw from Posada and this is a perfect example of what I have been saying about the quick tags of Cano compared to Jeter. The previous day a guy was just safe on a Jeter tag and today the runner was out on a Cano quick tag…this is not a coincidence.

Why was Kearns batting in the 8th inning? I mean Miranda would have been a much better choice or let Swish hit.

Meanwhile, Balfour threw Thames a fastball out of the strike zone and then threw 4 straight curves to get him out…Maybe we should learn something there?

Yes, I am upset, more because we have played stupid and our manager is making some decisions I don’t agree with. I am really OK with resting our guys now…getting them healthy is more important than winning these games. I do want home field advantage but again getting us healthy is more important and I do think we will be ok if our guys are healthy. We already know Tex has a broken toe, but he seems to be able to play through it.

Boston is only 6 behind us now. I really feel we are fine in terms of making the playoffs, but we better start winning some games.

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