Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Genius Maker #117

I only caught bits and pieces of the game so I probably will miss some of the finer points (the things I usually like to bring forth), but I was disappointed the Yankees lost because what I am about to say will sound like sour grape...and of course just losing will disappoint as well. I thought the umpiring was awful! Early in the game there was the strike out on a check swing form Swish (close but I thought no) and then the horrible safe call on the steal of 2nd base. I freeze framed it and one of the frames had Jeter touching the runner briefly, but there is NO way the ump should have called him safe without trying to see something that wasn't there. That ump made a very bad call. There were numerous ball/strike calls that were bad, but 2 really stood out to me (that I saw). 7th inning ARod up with the bases loaded and he has a 1-1 count on him. The pitch was a little high but definitely outside and the call was a strike. It was a ball and instead of 2-1 it was 1-2 and the pitcher could use his curve and after ARod fouled one off the next one got him. Huge moment in the game there. Then in the top of the 12th inning (where the Yanks had the bases loaded and didn't score when Moeller batted with 2 outs) Teixeira led off the inning on what should have been ball 4 on 3 pitches and the 3-0 pitch was clearly outside but called a strike. Tex never reached base in that inning and made the 1st out. The first pitch in the bottom of the 12th ended the game as Cruz hit his 2nd 1st pitch homer in the game. BTW, I really anted a curve to lead off as that is Gaudin's best pitch (he may call it a slider, but it is more of a slurve). After Joba allowed the homer on a first pitch slider (really not a terrible 0-0 pitch) I thought Cruz would be looking for a fastball and that is what he got. Frustrating loss...and the umps really should be embarrassed.

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