Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Genius Maker #35

Oakland has been the answer to our issues as we have had two easy victories. Most players got healthy in the first 2 games. One player that has been dropping and shows why catching can wear you down is Russell Martin. His OPS is down to a still strong and respectable .821, but the bangs and bruises he has been hit with lately have put him in a slump (zero hits in his last 13 AB's). That being said, I have been thrilled with him this year and he has an excellent arm in throwing guys out.

ARod has been doing OK at the plate, but where is the power? He has become a singles hitter. In his last about 40 AB's he has not hit an extra base hit! He isn't slumping from a batting average standpoint as he has had 14 hits in this time period, but not one of them was an extra base hit.

Back in first place...where we belong!

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