Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Genius Maker #37

I was fortunate to be at the game in LA today. The pitch selection is harder to make comments on so I will focus on the game itself. My thoughts:

Colon seemed to struggle throwing any of his off-speed stuff for strikes and that made it tough to be effective.

Girardi went to Robertson early but Colon was struggling so it seemed OK to me. Unfortunately, Robertson struggled also, but got out of the jam. I was surprised he came out in the next inning after throwing 20 pitches, but Girardi was trying to get the final 11 outs any way he could. I just don’t get why he extends guys when they are struggling but won’t do it when they are doing well…just doesn’t make any sense. Joba then came in and also struggled. His velocity and control were not good, but he got out of it. Then, came the Genius Maker, who also didn’t seem sharp, but worked out of his jam for the 5-3 victory. My conclusion is that The Angels are a weak hitting team and a better hitting team would have put up a lot more runs today. The huge play and help was when Kendrick struck out swinging at ball 4 (with 2 guys on)

Gardner got caught stealing on a play where he got an awful jump and Cervelli (who was awful at the plate striking out 3 times) swung through the high pitch. Girardi over-thought the situation instead of just bunting him over.

Cano made a great play on a grounder he came in and fired across his body to barely get Hunter at first. This was a big play with 2nd and 3rd at the time.

Tex hit 2 homers and carried us; the 2nd one was a bomb!

The Angels hats with the halo on them are silly looking

The Yankee fans must have been 30% of the people in the stands…it was pretty cool.

6-3 on the road trip; time to win the Red Sox series

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