Friday, June 10, 2011

The Genius Maker #38

Fortunately, I have been away on business and did not get to watch Boston sweep us again at home. These games will come back to haunt us unless we start to play up to our offensive ability. Two runs in the first and then the Yanks bats go silent. CC was pitching well, but then the wheels fell off and Robertson (who is now critical) did a terrible job leading to Boston's 8-3 win.

Joba is now out for the year. This is a big blow, especially on top of Soriano who is out until the All Star break.

The offense is the part of the team that is hurting us though. Outside of Granderson, not one Yankee is above his career OPS...not one! Tex is doing well, but his career is .912 and he is at .893. Guys like ARod (-.122), Swisher (-.128), Posada (-.174) and Jeter (-.178) are the big culprits. BTW, as I predicted earlier when Posada was awful (not that he has been great lately and that running play last Sunday was atrocious), he will have a higher OPS than Jeter. As bad as Jorge and Swisher have been, Swisher is at .691, Posada is at .677 and Jeter is at .654 (the same as Cervelli). Once Jeter breaks 3000 hits, they need to drop him in the lineup and try and spark the team against righties. Go ahead and do what I said last year and platoon them in the leadoff spot.

Back to Joba. My only comment is the same thing some of the veterans of this blog have read and that is I thought the Joba rules were handled terribly and I didn't like the way the Yanks treated Joba (and even Hughes). I am OK with limiting some of the volume of pitches/innings, not to over extend them, but the Yanks took it to an extreme that was illogical (as I barked about at the time). Now after both of these "super stud" young talents have been injured, maybe the Yankees will re-think their position? You don't abuse any pitcher, but nothing says a young guy can't start 30 times and throw 6 innings and not break 110 pitches and throw 180 innings - 200 innings.

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