Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Genius Maker #44

On Monday night the Yanks scored 4 runs in the first inning and like a lot of the games, they didn't do much the rest of the game. They held on to win 5-3 as Rivera showed why he is a Genius Maker by not allowing the poor move by Girardi in taking out Nova to cost the Yanks a win. 105 pitches and 7 straight scoreless innings after allowing 1 in the first was a time to let the kid finish the game…at the least let him face the righty leading off the inning. Then after Logan hit the lefty on the first pitch, I thought he would leave Logan in to face another lefty…instead whistle for the Genius Maker to save the day.

As for the game, outside of the excellent first inning, the Yanks only run scored came in the 8th inning on a gift by the SS who failed to catch a throw form the catcher where Granderson was dead to rights. Not only was Grandy safe on the error, but he went to 3rd on the error and then scored on a wild pitch. That was painful, if you were a Reds fan.

Andrew Jones didn’t run out a DP where he must have thought there were two outs. After the play they showed Girardi checking on Jones’ ankle, but Jones stayed in the game. I think that was all BS because if his ankle was bad he would be out of a 4-1 game for defensive replacement. I think he just had a brain cramp that was pretty sad.

The final piece saw Nunez picked off. Nunex also made a very nice dive in the 9th inning, but should have tried to get the out at 3rd instead of throwing very late to first…but he might have been safe at 3rd anyway.
It was great to see Nova go 8 innings and not walk a batter. He worked his slider more than usual and it was effective. If he doesn’t walk batters he will do very well!

Crazy stat – On the Yanks pitching staff right now, Nova has the highest ERA…it is only 4.13. That is pretty darn great.

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