Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Genius Maker #40

Great hitting game on Sunday as the Yanks rolled! The only point I want to make about the game was a bad play Canp made on a play they gave an error to ARod on. ARod through a little wide to 2nd base, but Cano thought there was only one out and took the throw by stepping toward 3rd base rather than stepping toward the pitcher to make the catch easy…he messed it up and it annoyed me because he has just been sloppy. He has so much talent, but he has played poorly defensively for a player with his immense talents.

For Monday’s game I wanted to see if we could keep the bats alive. The start was great as we loaded the bases with nobody out, but ARod flew out to medium shallow CF (Jeter would have made it because the CF’r double pumped, but it was shallow), Cano took strike one and then swung at 5 balls before striking out, and then Swisher got out. The 2nd and 3rd innings saw the Yanks get 2 guys on again and get out each time. Frustrating! Two other plays annoyed me (see a trend)…One was Cervelli, (who simply is not good) was up with 1st and 2nd and nobody out in a clear bunt situation. He pulls the bunt back on a clear curve ball strike, then fouls off a weak bunt attempt and then watches a curve strike 3 (close pitch, but swing the bat). The other was Gardner. On a 3-2 count he decides to catch the 3rd baseman sleeping and decides to bunt….of course he bunts it foul for strike 3. That wouldn’t have been so horrible (although kind of dumb), but he bunted on a clear ball 4. Please remove your head from your rectum!

So after the offensive juggernaut, the Yanks get shut out 1-0! Great job by Burnett, wasted with such a pathetic offensive performance.

Hopefully Colon and Jeter will be OK…Jete's didn't seem too bad and Colon should be OK with rest, but you hate to see him lose his head of steam.

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