Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Genius Maker #36

Jeter started the game with a great AB fouling off I believe 10 pitches and working a 15 pitch out. While it was an out it really gave the Yankees a huge advantage in the game. While Weaver should not have gone past the 5th, he ended up going through the 7th because the Yankees simply didn’t hit him (and he was helped on Cano and Martin going out on 1 pitch in the 5th or 6th). I don’t think people realize how much of a difference it is facing the middle relief but it is many times the difference between winning and losing. If the Yanks could have done just slightly better the Jeter AB could have been the reason for a victory.

I thought the ump was great on fastballs all night but was too lenient calling the outside curve from Weaver (up and outside specifically) for strikes. Granderson had 2 that I didn’t agree with. The ump also called a change on Swisher away that was a ball. While on the umps, in a pretty big spot in the 8th inning, the 1st base ump made one of the worst check swing calls I have ever seen. The ump really needs to get suspended and fined when he turned ARod’s AB into a 2 strike situation. Many times people say “the worst I have ever seen” in pure hyperbole, but seriously, it was not even close and ARod never broke his wrists at all and also held up. It was simply awful. In fact, it was so bad, ARod shook his head in disbelief and was ready to move on, when he had to stop again and say something to the home ump because it was so wrong. Terrible job by the 1st base ump.

The 2nd base ump made a great call on a pathetic (non) tag by Jeter on a stolen base throw. Veterans on this blog have seen me write about how much better Cano is on the tags at 2nd than Jeter, but this play by Jeter was pretty weak. Not only did he field the throw far too close to the pitchers side of 2nd, he lazily swept high without snapping down. The runner didn’t even reach the base on his own at first and then eventually made it.

The offense did a poor job and thus the loss. Nova was pretty good, but he needs to throw more changes to allow his plus curve and plus fastball to be more effective.

The 3-2 loss combined with the Red Sox win puts the Yanks only 1 game ahead

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  1. agree--that was one of the worst check swing calls I've ever seen. It will be years before we see anything even close.

    Great throw by Russell Martin on the missed tag by Jeter! But Martin had trouble in the first inning where he allowed a wild pitch and a passed ball. There was a heckler in the stadium yelling "we want Jorge."

    Those caps with the halo were awful.