Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Genius Maker #46

Before the game started I said to my daughter that this was a Yankee game they should win 75% of the time. Coming off a loss with CC going against a weak pitcher sounded very good to me. Not only that, the Rockies are vulnerable against lefties as they start a lot of them. The only non starter playing was Cervelli and I felt good about this game. I even checked the line which was -240 to win 100…so why not put a few doughnuts down based on my feelings?

CC came out firing hitting 97 in the first inning. When he is pumping like that, he is really tough. He threw both his harder and softer breaking ball well, but still didn’t have his “A” changeup. Either way, he flew threw their lineup pitching a great game. He only threw 103 pitches and could have easily had a complete game, but Girardi decided to let Buddy Carlyle allow 2 runs in the 9th to make the score look a little closer than the 8-3 blow out was.

ARod had a really good game, but looked hobbled on a standup double. I was worried but he did score on a very shallow fly ball (pop up) by Swisher so he is probably just a little banged up. Posada swung the bat well and now has his OPS up to a still low .718…but in the month of June his OPS is .900. His bad start will pull the numbers down all year, but lately he has been good. Swisher has had an excellent June also with a 1.052 OPS.

Cano had another rough game…I think he needs to work on his mental game; the guy has the ability to be the best in the game, but he gets himself out. His .840 OPS is still solid, but he should be above .900 with his talent. He is basically on his career OPS and at 28 he should be having his prime years now and through the next few years. Surprisingly, he has hit lefties well this year (.934 OPS) compared to righties (.797). He will be OK, but we could use the Cano I expect him to be.

Old Yankee Jeff Karstens picked up the win against Boston last night and combined with the Yankees win flipped the standings with us back in 1st. BTW, I do list the standings on the website on the top right. It is a 3 team race so I am only listing NY, Boston and TB.

I am a few doughnuts richer this morning!

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