Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Genius Maker 5-1

Hughes was Ok tonight.  His curve was OK and his fastball was 93-95 for the first 2 innings, but he still misses too much.  Overall, the irony was that the HR hit by Davis, he hit the target set by Stewart (our catcher), but it was dumb to call a low and inside fastball to a guy with an uppercut swing like that.  The HR he allowed to hardy was another bad call where he called for the fastball inside, however, Hughes left it over the plate and it was crushed…it is possible if he got it in he would have hit it foul, but hardy was waiting for the fastball. 

Some more irony may be Nunez misplaying flair out to LF for a 2 run double.  I am not sure either Jones or Ibanez would have gotten that, but Nunez played it very poorly and deserved his error (even though the silly sometimes rule is that if you don’t get errors on misjudged fly balls).  This underscores why I wanted a defensive player OF’r on the roster.  Eventually they will realize, but in the meantime I say keep Nunez out there if you won’t bring up a player like I was asking for from the start of the year…and maybe we can see if the guy has any game…so far he can’t field anywhere and hasn’t shown the ability to hit very well either.  Not sure he is much of a player?

Cano had many swings where when he was on he would have crushed the ball but he just has not got the barrel out.  He did hit a hard liner to CF at least, but it is sad to watch him like this.

ARod did was Tex should do and that is lay down a bunt when they are allowing you to take a free hit.  Tex needs to do it because he has been awful.  It is amazing with the poor starting pitching and how terrible Cano, Tex and Martin are doing to go along with the fairly weak job ARod has been hitting that the team is above .500.  Jeter and Granderson are carrying the offense with some help from Swisher. 

It should be noted that Logan didn’t get the job done letting up 2 hits to his two batters.  Mostly he struggled throwing his curve for a strike.

Finally, when Martin is your DH, you know someone isn’t filling out the roster correctly

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