Friday, May 11, 2012

The Genius Maker 5-10-12

I have mentioned this numerous times and discussed how bad he is, but now I want to make this clear; Nunez should never start any position in the field other than SS (when Jeter needs a blow) and should only be used at any other position other than SS if all other measures are exhausted.

His offense has still not been good, but when you factor SB’s into the equation he has an OPS of about .800 (that is including his 2-2, walk and 2 sb’s last night).  But his defense is a killer (he made two routine errors last night).

What would I do with him?

I would send him to the minors and play SS every single day and then build up his stock and trade him or if it is a year away or so he could be Jeter’s replacement if he can improve his defense enough where he is a league average defender at SS.

The guy has great speed, but outside of that he is an awful fielder and a mediocre hitter.  He is only 24 so he has some upside, but I would let him play every day and improve his defense and let him know he can’t play in the majors the way he is now. 

CC was a horse and great last night.  I know the TB lineup is not strong, but he came through big time. 

Cano is starting to hit the ball well which is a great sign. 

Price was getting hammered as our outs were line drives and even our DP’s were line drives.  Granderson hit one to the wall as well.  Entering the 5th I screamed out we are hammering you price (I was at the game) and we continued with Cano crushing a 2 run HR and then ARod his normal line drive (He is now a line drive hitter) and Jones doubled him in and the game was over.  I couldn’t tell location/movement very well compared to watching at home, but price was throwing hard.  The Yanks had 11 hits and 3 walks through 5 innings as well as 4 line drive outs and a deep fly.  We were all over him.  He did pitch the final 6 outs perfectly.

BTW, while on Price, he had an interesting pre game warm up, especially compared to CC who threw only off the mound.  Price played catch and then slowly backed up to play long toss and was firing the ball like an OF’r from about 200 feet.  He was really letting lose.  Then he would bring it back in and then threw breaking balls off of the flat grass from normal distance.  It has worked in the past, so I am sure that it is his way, but I thought it was a little odd.  BTW, I could see soft/medium tossing long distance, but it was a stark contrast to CC.

Jeter had his 10,000th AB at the game last night; he got out.

2.5 out is MUCH better than 4.5 out!

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