Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Genius Maker 5-25

Ahh, the west coast game…definitely a time for using the DVR.  Nova started out throwing a 93-95 fastball and 3 of the worst curves with no bite so I was concerned in the first inning.  However, the big bite of his curve came back in the 2nd inning and he maintained it throughout most of the game.  He did hang a curve later in the game when Oakland closed the lead to 6-3, but that was an odd sequence where Martin called for 3 straight curve balls to start the AB and after being 2-1 (strike was on the first pitch) he threw a fastball for a strike and then came back with a hanging curve that was deposited in the stands.  I bring this up because while watching I was thinking while it would make sense to come back with the curve on pitch 3 because you can’t get into a situation where you never throw 3 curves in a row, I felt the fastball was the call based on the “feel.”  It is one of those moments that I enjoy in a game…that is until the opposition hits a HR.

Nova was solid against a very weak lineup, but he didn’t hurt himself as he only walked one batter in 7 innings and he allowed 6 hits (2 HR’s - the other on a changeup) and struck out 4.  Logan pitched a dominant 8th inning throwing 8 pitches with Soriano pitching a 9th inning with mediocre stuff.  His OPS against him this year is .762, last year for us it was .645 (and he was better in Tampa)

Cano drilled a line drive homer as he was sharp again until his last AB where he got jammed twice in a row

Tex got his OPS up to .700 (yeah that is really sad)

Jeter looked bad last night; he is starting to do that lunging thing he did last year and hopefully he stays back like he did at the start of this year.  Right now it may surprise some people but Jeter has an OPS of .850 and ARods is not so far behind at .814.   Plus if you add in the 6 SB’s without being caught his OPS moves to, yes you guessed it .850.  Jeter’s adjusted OPS is .855 as he has 3 SB’s with 1 CS so that adds 1 base to his total.  Surprisingly close even if ARod has struggled with RISP more than Jeter this year, but Jeter has hit into 2 more DP’s.  Not really trying to say who the better hitter is as much as Jeter has a really high batting average, but it is a pretty light one…and also one I would be thrilled if he could maintain all year!

Ibanez made his first running catch (I mean one where you actually say I am not sure if he will get there) of the year.  It was routine for most outfielders, but at least he made the play.

Baltimore won again, only Don Mattingly’s Dodgers have a better record.  Man it would have been nice to have Donnie baseball be our guy in the dugout…

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