Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Genius Maker - Almost Unwatchable

I am usually very optimistic about the team when they are under performing, but this team is about as unwatchable as any Yankee team in a lot of years.  I am not saying we won’t get better because without more injuries, we will, but we are now in last place, losing to weak teams, hitting an almost impossible 6-73 in the last RISP situations, some of the aging stars are painful to watch and the leadership isn’t great.

It is led by Girardi and his BS condescending answers which insult my intelligence.  I am not saying Girardi is awful as he does have patience which is a good trait, he does have a decent feel for the bullpen as well, but he makes a lot of mistakes and clearly has made a mistake with Robby Thompson at 3rd base.  Hard to get a feel for Rothschild as the pitching coach compared to Eiland, but the performance of the starters has not been better and the lack of velocity is surprising sometimes.

The offense has ARod, who is now a line drive hitter (who could still be productive) and we have him for 5 more years after this one.  This contract, as I said at the time, had 3 extra years that will be an albatross and we were bidding against ourselves.  Right now, I wish it was only the last 3 years as he looks slow in the field as well.  I do think he can and will do better, but it is pretty alarming that his OPS is now .767 which is pretty ordinary.  The other night ARod saw 4 pitches in 6 AB’s and one of those was a first pitch swing  after 8 straight balls from the opposing pitcher and he swung at a pitch that was probably outside (it most definitely was not a good pitch).  Usually ARod is very heads up, but that was inexcusable after two straight walks on 4 pitches.

Tex has been steadily going down hill and perhaps his sickness has had a lot to do with it (this year), but his stubbornness not to lay down some bunts with the shift should be a strict order and not up to him.

Russell Martin is having his worst offensive year of his career so far, although he is not that far under his last two years in LA.  I would be happy with an overall .730 OPS out of him

Our defense is starting to catch up to us as Jeter has misplayed a few balls of late (called hits) and has thrown off target to first a lot, ARod has looked slow at 3rd and now the ball is finding Ibanez as he has misplayed two balls in the last 3 nights costing us runs 2 runs in the first inning last night and a double the other night.  At least Ibanez is hitting better than he has in his entire career (.918), but at 39 is that really something that is expected to continue?  If he has an OPS over .800 the rest of the way I would be thrilled.

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