Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Genius Maker through 5-14

Nova has been making far too many bad pitches and he was bailed today by the offense.  He has been allowing far too many base runners and far too many HR’s to pitch effectively.  His ERA is 5.44, but he has been fortunate as he has not done a good job pitching this year.  I am a fan of Nova and I think he has excellent stuff, but he has not been “pitching” well, meaning he has not been hitting spots consistently enough.  I would keep trotting him out there, but if he doesn’t turn it around in the next 4 starts, Phelps may steal his spot.  The OPS against on Nova is now at 1.005  (.326/.381/.624).  This would be the best hitter on our team right now for perspective and this is what the other team is doing against Nova.  I expect him to get it straightened out but don’t let the 4-1 record fool you, the guy has been bad this year so far.

We had a Teixeira sighting finally as he brought his OPS above .400!  He still has a bad .690 OPS, but maybe he can get going now.

I thought it was very interesting that Soriano closed out the game and not Robertson.  Not sure how Girardi will be handling the closer role, but I would imagine he is going to try and keep both guys fresh and if one is tired the other will take over, but something will shake out over the next month to give a more definitive role.  I don’t care about Soriano’s value if he decides to opt out, I would focus on what we have to do to win games and I would use the pitcher that maximizes those chances.  I surely have not lost any faith in Robertson and I believe he is the better closer, but Soriano has proven capable in that role and maybe he relishes it?

(UPDATE - one of our readers, Tom Parente, was nice enough to let me know that Robertson had sore ribs and this is why he didn't pitch).

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