Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Genius Maker 5-15

Sloppy game for the Yanks last night.  They hot into 3 DP's, Jeter and Cano teamed up to not get a force out with the bases loaded, two outs and it cost us one run (and could have been more).  Jeter was a little late and Cano didn’t throw it as crisp as possible and with the bases loaded it allowed a run and kept the inning going. 

The umps made some very bad calls including a safe call on a steal that led to a run after a bad play by Stewart to allow a passed ball (ironically scoring the guy who he had thrown out). 

The offense was held in check by a guy who really threw nothing but an average fastball and an outstanding change (his motion was just like his fastball, but 9 MPH less).

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