Friday, May 18, 2012

The Genius Maker 5-17

Wednesday’s game was just one you erase and move on.

The part that is driving me nuts is at a time where your stars are struggling and your bench is thin, why do you keep adding guys like Nix (who can’t hit) into the lineup and or Andrew Jones against a righty.  Wait until you get Gardner back and then rest everyone at once and go to battle very short handed in one game rather than going to battle every game a little short handed.  I mean one night Nix is at SS and when you add in a catcher position where we get no production and 1st base which has been embarrassing and ARod not as potent…there are too many holes!

Last night was crazy.  Rest ARod so our lineup has Jones against a righty and our defense (which we have been so lucky it has not been exploited) has Ibanez and Jones out there…so our lineup is weak and our defense is very poor in the OF.  The crazy part is we are down 2-1 with 1st and 2nd and nobody out and Girardi refuses to bunt two guys over with Chavez up and try and help the offense create some runs.  He is waiting for a HR when the team is struggling and one of your HR hitters (Tex) is clueless right now.  When there is 1st and 2nd and nobody out in a close game and your bottom of the lineup is up, BUNT!

1st and 2nd nobody out when Chavez was up and he bounced a ball to 2nd base.  Swisher should have run in front of the 2nd baseman or stopped but instead ran right into his tag and Chavez was easily doubled up.  The Yanks are not even heads up...Later in the game, Toronto tried a safety squeeze that was bunted right back to the pitcher (Wade), he looked to first and then threw home to get the runner, but we only got him out because their runner stopped for a second once he realized it was hit back to the pitcher.  If he keeps running we botch up that play.  We are not heads up, and the last heads up play was Tex throwing home after stepping on first base with the bases loaded...sad

We did hit some hard balls at guys or to the fence, but Girardi is not helping the team when they need help (neither is Robby Thompson)

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