Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Genius Maker 5-28

I could write 4 pages on last nights game as there were a lot of pieces to the game…but I will be as brief as I can.

The Angels played very poor defense and outside of one really good running catch by their 20 year old LF Trout on Chavez (that is some kid at this age – we like to talk about our prospects, but outside of Bryce Harper this could be the best young kid in the game) that saved a run.  The Angels committed 3 errors and I thought it should have been 4 when Trumbo misplayed Ibanez’ “double.”  The Yanks capitalized on the first few errors by scoring 3 in the first inning and also Weaver had to leave the game with what they say was a back injury.  So we had breaks all over the place and then…

Hughes showed us all the ugly parts of his game.  His straight fastball was evident, his lack of command was evident and he was pummeled for 5+ innings.  He missed target after target and gave the lead back and more in the 1st inning and allowed a total of 7 runs in 5.1 innings on 11 hits.  The only plus was that he didn’t walk anyone, but when you are being throwing meatballs why walk? 

The announcers were saying he should have thrown more changeups, but he did throw one earlier and he hung it; in general, he didn’t have enough movement on his change and that made it ineffective.  His curve was good and until he starts getting hit with must use it more.  He threw what were either cutters or sliders on some 3 ball counts and they were all hit hard.  They came in around 86-87 so they could have been either one and they had similar movement – they were probably cutters.  In general, he had no movement on his fastball and changeup and little command.

With Weaver out I was hoping we would do more in the 2 – 5/6 innings but we could only get 2 runs across

Russell Martin got a huge double with 2nd and 3rd and 2 outs tying the score at 8, but Jeter could not drive him home.  Jeter had a chance to redeem himself in the 9th with the bases loaded, but he grounded out to 1st.    

Girardi made a questionable move that is even more pronounced because Wade allowed a game winning HR to Trumbo in the 9th.  I don’t like using a pitcher for one batter in a tie game late as we may need more outs later on as extra innings are likely.  Unless your guy is a Rapada type in a key spot you let your better relievers pitch.  You could argue that Phelps should have stayed in against Morales, but he did double against him (even if it was first pitch breaking ball) but Morales is a lot better from the left side and I understood it, but with I would have left Logan in the game as Trumbo has an OPS this year that is .822 against lefties and 1.067 against righties.  Wade has done really well but I didn’t understand the need to make a move there with nobody on?

One last note on our manager, if Girardi was so hell bent on making Morales bat against a lefty (which is a very smart idea), why didn't he use him to face Morales in the 6th inning instead of Phelps...when it was really important and the bases were loaded? Girardi pushed all the wrong buttons.

The Angels knocked out their own pitcher in the 1st inning and made 4 bade defensive plays and we still lost; that was disappointing…of course so was the Hughes performance.

Two comments: on a play to deep RC Curtis and Swisher ran into each other; lucky nobody was hurt, but replays showed Curtis calling for it over and over and Swisher not saying anything yet Swisher didn’t get out of the way.  Swisher would have caught it if they didn’t run into each other but I think Grandy would have as well.  Those situations are tough as both guys are going for it, but Swisher has to give way to the CF there.  Earlier in the game they had a similar play that Grandy caught and Swisher slid out of the way at the last second.  Not sure why he didn’t do it again…it could have been a disaster.

Tex was 2-2 with 3 walks so he has been a huge plus to the struggling offense.

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