Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Genius Maker #20

I apologize for the long stretch without posting, but thank you to those who were concerned something was wrong with me. While some may argue, there is nothing wrong with me… other than I missed a few games because I had to modify my Cablevision deal (missed some games) and between my work, kids and personal schedule, it has been a little insane.

Back to the important things...

TB has been better than many people thought. They remain deadlocked with us and Boston is closing in on .500 with their extra inning win last night.

The good:

Jeter hitting 2 dingers and grabbing 4 hits got his OPS up to .680. While maybe this should not be in the good category overall, it is good of late (and since my last post). His OPS in the last 30 AB’s is almost .900 and hopefully can get his OPS to 750 OPS the rest of the way.

Granderson has been great offensively. He leads the AL in homers and is tied with Soriano for the MLB lead with 11 (interestingly Lance Berkman has 10 homers with an OPS of 1.190!). Granderson has an OPS of 1.005

Tex off to a rare good start for him with an OPS of .954.

Russell Martin with an OPS of .884 (I do not expect this to continue, but anything over .800 would be fine by me) and solid D has been a real find

If I can put Jeter in this category I can do the same with Gardner as he has been swinging well of late and has his OPS up to .726 with an OPS of .900 in May so far (27 AB’s). His defense is worth a lot (the bobble the other night excluded) so once we get his SB’s back he will be a very valuable part of the team again.

Not sure anyone realizes this, especially because I don’t see any good “stuff” from Buddy Carlyle and I can’t say I have watched Pendleton that closely (I will his next outing), but these guys have thrown 10.2 innings combined allowing only 5 hits, 4 walks and 0 runs! Very pleasant surprise there

Mo has been good as have Robertson and Joba. The ERA of Robertson is much better than Joba, but Joba has an OPS against of .578 while Robertson has a still respectable .625! I have confidence in both.

So far all the starters outside of Hughes have been good. Like I said at the beginning of the year, I have a little more confidence in the stuff of Colon compared to Garcia (mostly because Colon will walk less guys) but with the Yankees offense (as it should be) our pitchers should get plenty of run support and are good enough, if they stay healthy. One would expect the pitching to get worse and the batters to get better.

The Bad:

Soriano and Logan have not done the job so far. Thankfully, no other pitchers are on the list and Soriano has put up blanks in his last 3.2 innings (looking for the silver lining). The Yankees are still looking for a 2nd lefty reliever. I wonder if we will bring up Banuelos and put him in the pen later in the year?

The Ugly: Eduardo Nunez and his 5 errors. He has hit really well, but 5 errors is unacceptable. I think bouncing around between OF and other positions has messed him up, but it is what it is. I still like his future, but he needs to work on his defense.

Swisher, A. Jones, and Posada coming in at an OPS of .640, .628 and .610 respectively. Considering none of these guys help you defensively, this is ugly.

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  1. There's quite a difference defensively. Posada is unlikely to play a single inning in the field at any position, whereas Jones and Swisher provide average defense at relatively easy positions. Swisher is also useful as the backup 1B, with Chavez injured.

    I had hoped that Girardi might use Posada as a 3rd catcher. That would mean more flexibility. However, the Yanks have made it clear that they don't want him to ever catch again. I assume that's because of the risk of another concussion. Maybe that reason has been publicly stated. I'm not sure.