Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Genius Maker #31

Exciting game! CC was off early on as he had little control from a placement standpoint early on. A Cano error hurt the Yanks as they fell down 4-1 early. BTW, Cano had another go off his glove earlier and has been average defensively this year; a far cry from a clear gold glove winner. Cano did make up for it delivering 2 laser doubles later in the game.

The Yanks had opportunities but a DP by ARod and another by Jeter (who failed in 2 big spots) took the Yanks out of the rally late in the game. The DP by Jeter was one that annoyed me as Gardner was on 2nd and Nunez was on 1st with a 3-2 count on Jeter and Girardi did not have the runners going.

Granderson got picked off trying to steal (goes as a CS as he took off to 2nd base) with a 2-2 count on Tex with 2 outs with Tex having a good AB. This was a bad play by Granderson, but I wasn’t sure why they wouldn’t wait until 3-2 anyway?

In the 8th, Cano came through with a 2 out double (the laser) to close the game to 4-2 and then Martin followed with a huge single to make it 4-3! 2 out hits!

In the 9th Girardi decided to pinch hit Posada for Nunez (after Gardner grounded out) and Jorge came through with what I assume was scored a single and an error by Bautista getting him to 2nd. Big hit by Posada! Then after Jeter grounded out, Granderson came through with his 4th hit to tie the game with 2 outs! After Granderson stole 2nd Tex who had a very good game at the plate hit a hard shot off the 1st baseman’s (Rivera) glove and Granderson came home with the winning run!

CC went the distance and got the win!

One last note that goes unnoticed because the Yanks won anyway, but the Toronto catcher made 3 stops of balls in the dirt that could have tied or won the game also. The game was looking like one of those where you say we could have or should have won. Taking the other side, it was one of the games that I have been talking about where you keep the game within striking distance (and why you don't intentionally walk so many guys midway or early in a game) and our offense should bail us out.

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  1. Posada's hit was scored a double, although it was obviously a single and an error. Perhaps the official scorer was feeling kind.

    I didn't watch the whole game, but I was disappointed to see ARod get badly fooled on several low breaking balls. It looked as if he was too anxious to get a big hit.