Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Genius Maker #21

Nice solid win yesterday!

Garcia continues to do the job mixing up his pitches and keeping hitter off balance. It clearly has been better than expected, but let’s ride it out.

Robertson struggled spotting his fastball, but he had good movement on it and the sharp curve got him out of a jam.

Joba was dominant! He threw 96 and 97 and had a sharp curve ball. I don’t even think he threw his slider; but then again he only threw 9 pitches to get through the 8th. I am not sure if Soriano was given a day off, but Joba pitched the 8th and took control of it.

Jorge is back struggling again after hitting some hard shots. He has really been awful this year. It is rare that people fall off the cliff so precipitously, but being 39 and not being in the flow as a catcher might be something that impacts Jorge. If you remember he was always a bad pinch hitter too? I still am surprised to see this lack of production, but yesterday he swung threw a 3-2 fastball right down the middle and Swisher was easily thrown out stealing. I also am not sure if anyone is aware that Jorge is now hitless (0-24) against lefties this year! Bizarre. With Jones struggling against lefties, we could use Thames back.

Gardner continued to hit well and Jeter and ARod each got big 2 out singles up the middle to drive in our 3 runs.

Rivera came on for the save and was really shaky at first, but then got some movement on his pitches and got through the inning. His control was off, but he got through it.
TB and Boston lost


  1. I loved that fact that they gave Gardner the green light on a 3-1 count, and he resonded by hitting a triple.

  2. The Genius MakerMay 12, 2011 at 7:48 AM

    This was a very good point David and underscored the poor job of having Gardner bunt with the count in his favor last night. I know we tied the game and that was the goal, but I would have been more aggressive in that spot knowing who was left in the pen.