Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Genius Maker #27

Wow, 15 innings! These are the games where the DVR wasn't set long enough.

My take:

Colon was dominant. In fact, he struck out the side on the 8th inning and instead of letting Colon finish the game, Girardi (in his lack of wisdom) took Colon out in a ONE run game and having thrown a grand total of 87 pitches...yes 87 pitches. If this wasn't the perfect time to let a guy complete a game I am not sure what it is. First, the Yanks only had a 1 run lead, second, Joba and Robertson were supposedly unavailable (and of course Soriano), so why take a chance that Rivera can't convert a tough save? One might say that if the game was 3-0 you might give Colon a chance to go out there and close out the game; I view this differently, Colon is cruising, Baltimore is not touching him; why give them life when Rivera may not have it? Further, with no cushion, why take the risk; go with what you know and that was Colon was ON! It was a terrible managing decision that still should work, 75%-80% of the time (or so - just an estimate on a 1 run lead). My feeling is that Colon had a better chance of getting through the inning and the fact that you have nobody you have confidence in after Rivera, made the move even more questionable.

Girardi didn't give a reason (that I read) why he made the move, but I am sure it would have been something like, how can you not have faith in Rivera or something like that...but that is not the point...once again Girardi failed to put the team in the best position to win (probably both short and long term).

I did read one quote, "Any time a closer blows a save, you usually don't win that game," Girardi said. That is probably a generic comment, but one of the things about Rivera that is great is that when he blows saves, he doesn't always lose the lead. In fact, over the 3 and 5 blown saves this year and last, the Yanks have won 4 of the 8 games where Rivera has blown saves. So Girardi is just saying things that are not even too accurate.

Yeah, I am down on Girardi

After both teams blew great scoring opportunities time and time again, Cano got the huge hit knocking in Tex and ARod (who had 4 singles) and then Cano scored on a solid line drive sac fly by Gardner (who is leading the team in hitting with RISP).

Hector Noesi pitched 4 scoreless (but far from perfect) innings and showed some good stuff.

Girardi brought in Logan at the right time (bases loaded and 1 out and Scott coming up) and he got 2 huge outs to keep the Yanks in the game but Girardi didn't try and let him go further which was also questionable (I would have let him go at least until he let a runner on as he looked good.) He basically had Noesi and that was it left and considering it was his first major league game; it was risky. The kid did well, but worked out of a lot of jams.

At least we got a your typical 15 innings and almost 5 hour game.

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