Monday, May 16, 2011

The Genius Maker #25

Well, that was a disaster!

I think the key part of the game was when the Yanks were up 4-1 and Boston had a man on 2nd and one out with Gonzalez coming up. I recognize he has been swinging the bat well, but we have also seen that when good pitches are made and sometimes when balls are in the dirt, he swings and makes outs. The Yanks basically intentionally walked him to face Youklis. Up 4-1 early in the game I am not intentionally putting anyone on base unless the guy behind him (and probably the guy on double deck (in the hole)) are both weak hitters. It is a long game and why give extra base runners? Then Garcia had Youklis out in front of sliders. The pitch should have been another one as everything Youklis was swinging at he pulled...even if they didn't want the slider, the change or something off speed should have been the pitch. One fastball and a 3 run homer later the game was tied.

After that, the Yanks started swinging at everything rather than taking a lot of pitches off of Lester (like they had been doing the first 2 innings). In fact, ARod and Cano were out after 4 pitches to start the next inning.

Overall, the Yanks did nothing from that point on. Swisher needs to be benched, but nobody can play for him, especially against righties where Swish has an OPS of .563. Swisher is swinging better from the right side of the plate, but the only option is Jones, but he is also better against lefties. Tex is the same way hitting 200 OPS points higher from the right side and really struggling to get his hands on top of any pitch up. Tex is looking like he is adjusting his swing on the fly which is making his bat very slow. I think he is starting too early rather than waiting and being quick.

ARod has really struggled since his oblique injury. He went from a stud to a dud. He will figure it out as long as he is healthy.

Cano is in his "I will swing at anything" mode and has been expanding the strike zone like crazy.

Gardner needs to go back to stealing 101 and bunting 101.

Trying to find the sliver lining, but it is hard. I did think Swisher had a good AB against Bard in the 8th, but he still K'd (Bard has really good stuff). ARod did get a double in the 8th, Granderson is still hitting well, Martin walked 3 times and Gardner made one terrific catch and another really good one.

Joba threw well, but gave up a cheap HR and Garcia's HR to Ortiz was cheap as well - in fact it was a broken bat.

Frustration everywhere, but the offense can't play worse and neither can the defense. The pitching could be worse, but the overall team has much more room for improvement than downside in my opinion. Remember, when things are going bad people forget how good this team can be; it will get better.

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